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Free gift - the economy of giving

by Wise Accounts on 12 Dec 2013 permalink
If some marketers feel the need to stress that their gift to us is free then it implies that some gifts are not free - or at least have some strings attached...

In our consumer society where selfishness abounds we have totally lost touch with the significance of giving. You would remember: "Freely you have received, freely give" and also "It is more blessed to give than to receive".

Hoarding is motivated by fear of lack- thinking we won't have enough for ourselves - let alone to pass around...

In the past a monarch would bestow gifts to his subjects as a token of his good nature. Today well heeded people give gifts to those in power (who already have everything they need) in order to induce favours.

For some who have a pure heart giving is an expression of who they are. Giving of your substance in a way that people can never pay you back for the simple joy of seeing them enjoying your work is a satisfaction and a fulfilment that no money can buy.

In fact the next step is that as you show yourself to be a channel of quality and abundance people will make a path to your doorstep and commission you to do more for them this time in a commercial transaction.

You can think of artists who are a tremendous enablement for our senses letting the world benefit of their expression. One day they get called to do a masterpiece for a well-known event because their reputation goes ahead of them.

Not all givers are artists. You can think of volunteers who tirelessly give of themselves for a cause they believe in. One day they get called to take charge of the organisation they serve - simply because no-one else has demonstrated the passion and the knowledge they have.

You can think of multi-level marketing operatives who could have retired in their forties but continue tirelessly to build their network. Why? For the simple joy of building up people with a business opportunity of their own and see them reach financial independence.

Too good to be true? No this is a biblical principle. If you have the right motives and are found to be a channel to bless others God will see to it that your well never runs dry. In fact the amazing thing is that it works the same for those who know Christ and those who don't...



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